Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you read all of these terms and conditions in full.

We are able to accept your booking/order and create a legally enforceable agreement without having to make further references to you.  It is therefore essential that you read these terms and conditions so that you are clear about them, are sure that they contain what you need and that there is nothing that makes you unhappy.

  1. Acknowledgement

When you view and access the Quinns London Escorts website, or make an arrangement to meet with any one of our escorts, you are automatically confirming that you are 18 years of age or more and that the service and information being provided by us is not unlawful or illegal in your country. You are also confirming that you appreciate that the material you view may contain within it sexually explicit images or sexual content of an adult nature.  On our site you will find a search function.  This allows you to select and view escorts according to rate, nationality, services, type and location.

  • Escorts

The escorts shown on the site are not employees of Quinns London Escorts. Working independently, we only list them on our site.  Whatever adult services you choose to make use of is a matter for you and the escort to decide.

  • Original Photos

We only use actual photos provided by the escorts. If their face is covered, this is only to protect their modesty.  If you go through to the members area, you should see the models with their faces uncovered and all photos fully uncensored.

  • Respect

You may choose an escort that is new to the website.  Some girls do this as an add-on job if studying or working elsewhere.   We support them very carefully and take care of their emotional and mental health in what can be a fast-paced job. We ask you also to treat them with full respect so that you both have fun.  In this way, there will be no discord and both of you will be happy.  If you ask for something that the escort cannot provide, please accept it when she says ‘No’. If our escorts are treated badly or abused we will take legal action.  Clients would then be registered on our Blacklist.

Our escorts never disclose their private telephone numbers or meet outside of the agency.  Do not ask them to do this as it will only embarrass both of you.

  • Discretion

When you choose Quinns London Escorts, we assure you of complete discretion.  Any personal data that is taken by us and used for payments or bookings will not be stored or filed or used in any way other than for handling your transaction.

  • Booking

Bookings are easy to make.  You can fix an appointment with one of our escorts by email, phone or text or via online chat.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  When you make a booking, we require certain information in order to maintain the security of our escorts:

  • Your first name (surname not essential)
  • Full address of meeting place and room number if appropriate
  • A contact phone number so that we can confirm the booking
  • If your escort needs to travel internationally, we need the travel expenses to be pre-paid plus 50% of the escort hire rate.
  • Services

Quinns London Escorts provide a dating service for adults.  These are based upon the lady’s personal discretion.  Please check the information in the escort profile to see what the escort has written about herself.  This is for your guidance and is not a strict listing of what is offered.

  • Fees

The fees shown are for outcall services provided within Central London.  Any travelling fees such as taxi charges usually apply and will be discussed with you.  Incall services do not have any additional travel costs added on unless one escort is travelling to meet you at the place of another.

  • Cancellation

Should you have to cancel, always let us know.  We don’t normally charge for cancellations for incall services.  Should your escort already be on their way to you for an outcall booking, we will ask you to cover taxi or other travelling expenses.

If flights are involved and we have already booked them and do not get a refund from the airline, the flight fee cannot be paid back to you.  If the escort is midway en-route to you and already making the journey, we will ask you to pay for the time spent travelling so far.

If we need to cancel the booking for any reasons, and you have pre-paid a certain sum, this will be paid back to you.

  1. Payments

When you meet your escort, please take care of the payment within the first ten minutes and in a discreet way.  If you partially paid when you booked, just pay the balance to the escort when you first meet. We accept a mix of currencies including GBP, EUR, USD and CHF so please ask for our conversion rate.

If you pay by credit card, there may be an extra fee payable and this will be covered during the booking process as we cannot always accept a credit card from another country.

If you wish to pre-pay, please use Western Union, MoneyGram or ask for our bank account details.

  1. Complaints

It is very unlikely that you will be displeased with your escort as our girls have a fantastic reputation.  However, if there is any reason for complaint, please contact us so that we can help immediately.  Once the booking is over, we are not able to get involved although we treat any complaint seriously as this helps us to provide a superior service.

  1. Suggestions

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and comments.  Please contact us in order to provide these.