About Mira

This brunette in Bayswater makes the perfect companion for guys looking for a memorable and fun-
filled date. Mira is not only beautiful but also open-minded and having a 10/10 body, also incredibly

Get ready to be swept away

From the very first time that you set eyes on her, you will be naturally attracted to her lovely smile,
perfect appearance and desirous scent. Whether she is wearing perfume or not, Mira smells
wonderful and once you get close to her, you are going to be totally swept away by her appeal.
Remember how the sailors of old used to get swept away by the Mermaids, combing their long dark
hair whilst sitting on the rocks? This is now you and Mira is going to enchant and enrapture you
before you know it. Get ready to lose yourself, falling headlong for her irresistible magnetism.

Pretty and appealing

Not only does she have a very pretty and appealing face but Mira has a model-like figure being slim,
well-toned and long-legged. If your pulse is not already racing at the thought of it, your libido will be
rising as soon as you find yourself alone with her. Also fun and adventurous, Mira likes to talk as
well as being an excellent listener. Whichever you prefer to do, you will be great company, being the
perfect companion to take to one of London’s great restaurants. Imagine yourself sitting opposite
her, admiring her long shiny dark hair and wonderfully sultry eyes; when she asks you to sit a little
closer so that she can speak with you more intimately, you will be only too ready to spend more
time later with this lovely lady.

True pleasure

Enjoying both passionate and romantic encounters with guys that act as true gentlemen, she is a
willing partner in the bedroom, never failing to live up to your expectations and delivering true
pleasure with a capital ‘P’. Treat yourself and enjoy what this stunning girl has to offer. Meet in her
apartment, at a hotel or some other convenient spot.

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