About Alexia – The Brunette Angel

A slim brunette, Alexia is all things to all men and even then some! Cute, sexy and incredibly appealing, if you are feeling down in the dumps or simply need a boost in your life, this is the lady to spend time with. Able to mould herself to suit you, whatever you decide to do will go down well with her. You may be in the mood to chill out, relax and set the bedroom on fire with an ultimate passion-filled session or optionally, spend time as a couple out on the town and having a whale of a time.

The complete package

The feedback that we get from clients is that Alexia is the complete package. She has spent nights on the town, being entertained and acting as the hostess for corporate clients and has been the ‘perfect girlfriend’ for guys looking to spend time with a wonderful woman in a no-strings situation. Being an accomplished and expert escort, Alexia is used to dealing with clients from all walks of life and from locations from all over the world. Whilst her pictures are great, they cannot describe everything about her, and this is where only meeting her will suffice. Naughty but delectably nice, if you want great company and passion all rolled into one, this is the girl for you.

An angel in your bed

How long you spend with Alexia is down to you. If you want to book an overnight stay, that can be arranged. Imagine waking up to find this angel in your bed and you will face the day with a smile on your face! You are the client and ultimately, what you and Alexia get up to is between the two of you. Eat out at a wonderful restaurant or intimate diner, experience a few hours clubbing or simply spend some romantic time together behind closed doors.

Whatever you decide to do, just relax, be yourself and let Alexia do what she does best. Pick up the phone, make a booking and then look forward to an adventure of the best kind. Finally, we can guarantee absolute discretion with all our lovely ladies.

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